Make Any Day a Family Day

Make Any Day a Family Day Living in British Columbia definitely has its perks. And now for the first time, British Columbians have an official holiday dedicated to families – B.C. Family Day on Monday February, 11. But, no matter where you live, setting aside time for fun family activities is always a great way to spend a day. Take from the ideas below or create your own, and you never know, you might just end up creating a new family tradition.

Camp at Home

Depending on where you live this activity can take many different forms. You can set a fire in the backyard and tell campfire stories while making s’mores (as long as your city permits residential fires). If not, set up a tent on the lawn and tell some spooky bedtime stories. Or take this opportunity to teach your children about wildlife through pictures and sounds.

Play Restaurant

One of my favourite childhood memories is pretending to run a restaurant with my sister and cousins. This one is great because you likely have everything you need at home already. First help your kids design their own menus and their own dishes – you can give them funny names too. Pudding can become chocolate soup and fruit is now space candy! Then sit and enjoy while your children serve you up some crazy food concoctions. Just make sure to set aside food they are allowed to use beforehand.

Be a Tourist

I’m sure there are many landmarks and areas that you have yet to explore in your own city. Check out your local tourist website and maps for ideas. Consider taking your kids on a tour bus ride with blankets and hot chocolate to follow. Every city also has hidden spots to explore, do some research or ask some friends for a new place to visit.

Have a Pajama Day

When morning rolls around think about letting the kids, and yourself, stay in pajamas all day. Your kids will think of this as a very special treat that breaks away from their routine of having to get dressed in the mornings. Then make something special for breakfast. Use cookie cutters to create fun shaped pancakes, or even serve their favourite meal for brunch.

Tell a Family Story

Stories can be a great way to bond. Have you told your children about how you and your spouse met? Or how about the story of your childrens’ births? There are always unique moments that your kids will love hearing about over and over again. Also, think about passing on knowledge of your family history and traditions. Did you celebrate a special day or cook a traditional dish with your parents or grandparents that you can now do with your kids?


Written By: Veronica Howes

I am a native Vancouverite passionate about children’s literature, education and technology. I am the Marketing Manager at Storypanda, a digital media company that has developed an iPad publishing platform that allows families to read, create and share kids stories.


Twitter: @Storypanda and @vronicahowes