Because I said so!

because i said soThe other day I felt words bubbling to the surface that I had no control over. Words that I could not contain. The words that every mother swears they won’t say because their mother said it to them and no one ever wants to believe that they are turning into their mother.

Those four little words were, ” because I said so! ”

I have to admit that I am shocked that those words came out as early as they did. I didn’t expect this to happen until my daughter was at least four or five but I guess I was wrong.

It all started when she asked why she had to put her pajamas on. The conversation went something like this.

Me: “Sweetie, put your pajama’s on.”

Her: “My pajama’s?”

Me: “Yes, your pajama’s.”

Her: “Why do I have to wear pajamas Mommy?”

Me: “Because you don’t want to get cold when you are sleeping.”

Her: “Because I would get cold?”

Me: “Yes, because you would get cold.”

Her: “But why do I have to wear pajama’s?”

Me: “Honey, I just told you why.”

Her: “But I won’t get cold mommy, giggles, I have my blanket.”

Me: “Sweetie, (Big Sigh) put your pajamas on.”

Her: “Why mommy?”

Me: “Because I SAID SO!”

It occurs to me after actually writing this down that my child was just trying to delay bedtime as most children do but I still can’t believe those four words slipped out. I have now officially crossed over to the dark side.

I am curious to know what words your mother said to you that you swore you would never say OR what words you swear you will never say to your children if you don’t have any?