Chili Lime Beef Lean Cuisine

lean cuisine chili lime beef

Chili Lime Beef Lean Cuisine

Sitting here with my Chili Lime Beef Lean Cuisine meal and some TeaVana Samurai Chai Mate tea for lunch.. YUM!

The Chili Lime Beef Lean Cuisine is really tasty but the veggies are a bit mushy. Wonder if there is a way that they could put the veggies in a separate pouch to steam them then add them when cooking? Wouldn’t that make the broccoli a bit more crunchy? I just had a thought why do they need to add so much salt? I understand it’s for flavor but there are so many of us that don’t use salt. Why not have a “low salt” version of your Fresh Inspirations meals and see what is purchase more? For those of you that love salty foods I am 100% confident that you own a salt shaker and can shake to your hearts content. I wanna save my heart. lol  I have a salt shaker and BARELY use it. Not only that but with my high blood pressure eating salty foods is NASTY when you are trying to lose weight. Retain WATER much? lol Oh, I added a bit of Cayenne pepper to spice it up a bit.. Love it.

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