5 Healthy and Easy Baby Food Recipes

As baby becomes ready for solid food—usually around 6 months—you might wonder what to feed him. There are some fantastic organic prepared baby foods out there, but you can also easily make baby food yourself. To get started, you might want to invest in a blender or food processor. Some foods you can mash with a fork, but pureed is best for very young eaters.

Here are 5 healthy and easy baby food recipes that you can try today:

1. Banana Peach Puree

Once you know your little one isn’t allergic to either ingredient, you can start combining fruit purees.

white peach banana puree

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2. Chicken with Carrot, Sweet Pepper and Sweet Potato

Meats are now considered a good first food. How do you serve meat to your little one? You can puree and combine it with fruits and vegetables.

Chicken with Carrot, Sweet Pepper and Sweet Potato

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3. Beets and Blueberry Mash

Get creative by mixing vegetables with complimentary fruit.

beets blue berry mash

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4. Fillet of Fish with Carrots and Orange

Introduce fish in a gentle way by adding the sweetness of carrots and orange.

fillet of fish with carrots

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5. Baby’s Quinoa Bites

For older eaters, finger food is key. If your baby is biting and chewing, give these nutrition-packed quinoa bites a try.

baby quinoa bites

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Find the full recipe here.


Making your own baby food can be cost-effective and offers baby nutritious, homemade food. Have fun with introducing flavours to your little one and watching him dip his toes into the culinary world.

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