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Spring Cleaning

Thank goodness it’s finally April! March is always a hard month for me – that transition from winter to almost but not quite spring gets me in the rear end every year, and this one was no exception.

With the warmer weather recently, I’ve been bitten by the ‘spring cleaning’ bug. This is rather an oddity for me, as I was born without the ‘cleaning’ gene, and am woefully inept at the process 75% of the time. And then of course there are the three weapons of mass destruction that follow behind me and undo everything I’ve done which makes cleaning an exercise in futility. Typically, I don’t get the urge to do any kind of spring cleaning until oh, about October – and by then school is back in, extracurricular activities have resumed, and I’m detoxing from too many drinks on the patio to really ‘act’ on anything.

But not this year. This year I’m turning over a new leaf. Or cleaning rag. Or something.

I started with my oldest daughters bedroom. She moved out a year ago but a lot of her stuff was still laying around in her room, just the way she had left it. It was hard going through everything – and suffice it to say, I am having a harder time cutting the apron strings than she is. However, I was able to complete the task – reorganizing and de-cluttering until we had a functional guest room that would also remain as my daughters room should she ever decide to return home. Those apron strings are made of steel I swear!

Next up – the BBQ. I scrubbed. I degreased. I shined the outside. It looks so good I don’t even want to cook on it.

Everything was going well . . . until this week. This week, I met my nemesis. And it is EVIL.



Seriously . . . who invented these things anyways? Obviously someone with a sick sense of humor and a ton of time on their hands. Our house is full of them. Every room on the main floor. Eight in total. And because they are in my house, they are filthy. Or should I say, ‘were’ filthy.

It took me several hours and two washes on each, but I fought the battle and won. They are clean. For a couple days anyways until the furnace starts up and circulates all the dust around the house and it settles once again on these sticks whose sole purpose seems to be to collect and store airborne particles of dirt.

To celebrate my achievement, I plan to spend most of the day tomorrow searching for new window coverings. I’m certain my husband will be thrilled :)


What are your spring cleaning tips? Or are you a slacker like me? Share your thoughts – there’s no cleaning judgement here :)



Spring Cleaning – Author Cheryl Talma