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A conversation with my boobs

Boobs, oh boobs, I really have to say,

I don’t like how you’re lookin these days, you really sag and sway.

Back in the day you used to be so much fun but now you go every which way when I break out in a run.

Once you used to be so perky, you know this to be true.

But alas you have been abused, by baby one and baby two

I don’t ask for much boobs, I just want a little plumper chest,

one that doesn’t flop over when I lay down to rest.

I thought maybe a talking to would help you out, give you a little encouragement to fill up and out.

I know you’ve been battered and used boobs, and I get you boobs, I do!

But let’s make a pact right now, that you’ll lift up and plump up before im thirty-two.

I hope this has helped you out boobs, given you some goals to achieve,

before you lose all hope and sink down to my knees!!!

A conversation with my boobs





A conversation with my boobs – Author: Laura Watts