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The dumping ground

Is there an area of your home that you are constantly tidying? That you feel you can never get organized no matter how hard you try? If this sounds familiar you may be the victim of a dumping ground.

The dumping ground is a spot that everyone uses as soon as they come into the house to dump their stuff. It could be the kitchen table. It could be the front entranceway. It could be a dresser or wardrobe. Perhaps its a chair?

Wherever things are being dumped don’t despair. Here are a few things you can do to eliminate the dumping ground once and for all!

1. Put stuff away, sounds simple doesn’t it. But you can only put something away if it has a home to go to. Sort through the things that are getting dumped and make sure there is a place to put them. For example, if coats are always getting dumped, purchasing a simple coat hook could be the solution.

Bag and Hats

2. Get rid of the rush excuse. If you have a few seconds, which most people do, unless the house is on fire or some other emergency is taking place, take the time to put the item away. You are not saving any time dumping it because you will eventually have to pick it up and move it again which will take you even more time.

3. Make sure that everyone in the house is on the same page. You can’t win the battle if no one knows where things are supposed to go. Have a family meeting and let everyone know the plan of attack.

If after a couple of weeks you successfully get rid of the dumping ground be sure to reward yourself and/or your family on a job well done!

But, if after a couple of weeks or more there is no improvement, consider calling in the pros. A professional organizer can do a needs analysis geared towards your individual situation and give you a customized solution to get you on the right track.

Happy organizing!